Information received from Border Police of Georgia

17.02.2015 Author: IDFI

Official information received from the Border Police of Georgia is now accessible on our web-page. 
Information about declared incomes of the freelance civil servants in 2013-2014 was provided incompletely. According to the received information, from January, 2013 till the time of submitting request, there was no agreement on advisory service.
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About FOI

Georgia’s Freedom of Information (FOI) legislation has been comparatively well-established. The right to access government information has been a part of the Administrative Code of Georgia since 1999, with various changes including the amendments requiring public agencies to proactively disclose information and establishing citizens right to request and receive public information electronically. Through the signing of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) accord and the development of an OGP action plan covering some aspects of FOI, the transparency policy of the government has experienced further highlighting.