CV of the Vice-Prime Minister, Kakha Kaladze

Category – Asset Declarations and CV

Information Requester – IDFI
Public Institution – Chencellery of the Government of Georgia
Request – Biographical information (CV) of the public officials (Minister, Deputy Ministers, Heads of Departments, Deputy Heads of Departments, Heads of Sub Departments, Deputy Heads of Sub Departments) nominated in the Administration from October 20, 2012 by the time of receiving the letter.  
Received Information – Complete
Date of Submission - 17/12/2012
Date of Receipt – 26/12/2012
10 Days Period – Complied


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Categories Asset Declarations and CV
Sender IDFI
Respondents (and status)
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Date Title Author Files Type
26.12.2012 Government/ Chancellery of Government Chancellery of Government

Complete information sent