Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI)

The Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) is a non-partisan, non-governmental, non-commercial legal entity committed to enhance access to public information. It was established in 2009 by Levan Avalishvili and Giorgi Kldiashvili with the support of the National Security Archive (George Washington University, Washington, DC

Our mission is to promote transparency of public information and governmental accountability in Georgia. The aim of the Institute is improving openness and transparency by developing state web-resources, assisting the development of civil society and establishing democratic values by informing the society about freedom of information and human rights, improving the existing legal system and supporting the developing of modern electronic government in Georgia.

IDFI actively works in the field of openness of the state archives and supports to establish the high level of access to archival documents, also provides research activities in Soviet Studies.


Our main goals are to:

  • Support the development of civil society and democratic values by increasing of awareness on freedom of information and human rights;
  • Promote civil participation in governmental activities and decision making processes;
  • Support the establishment/evolvement of e-governance in Georgia, that will be of modern standards;
  • Assist government institutions in the development of a relevant and well integrated legislative framework regarding freedom of information
  • Help individuals and legal entities to implement their constitutional right to access public information
  • Establish an open informational space within Georgia that is of public and social importance;
  • Advocate for declassification of secret documents and access to Georgian state archives;
  • Provide and publish researches on the topics of Soviet Studies.

To raise awareness of the importance of clear access to public information, IDFI provides the following:
  • A resourceful website with relevant content and external links;
  • Training programs, professional conferences, seminars and workshops;
  • Publication of journals, booklets and brochures; Research carried out by leading experts in the field;
  • A platform where Georgian and foreign experts, scholars and politicians can add to the development of freedom of public information; Research activities related to Soviet Studies and research in the Archives.

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