Georgian Young Lawyer’s Association (GYLA)

Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association (GYLA) was established as a union of professional lawyers dedicated to change wrong image of the legal profession by taking pride in their profession's ability and to take the lead in creating a just society. GYLA was officially registered in September 1994, as a non- profit, non-governmental, non-partisan organization.

Over its fifteen years of existence, GYLA has become one of the largest and strongest NGOs in Georgia, with more than 800 members, operating through a strong network of eight offices covering the major geographic/administrative regions of Georgia. Georgians know GYLA to be the leading civil society organization striving for justice, transparency, rule of law and human rights because of its watchdog functions.

Georgians further know GYLA to be a reliable partner because of GYLA’s accumulated professional expertise, independence and impartiality. GYLA’s motto is “Rule of Law for Justice” and major strategic goals are:

  • Raising legal awareness and establishment of respect for law among the public,
  • Protection of human rights, development and ensuring access to human rights protection mechanisms without discrimination;
  • Facilitation to an effective, accountable and transparent governance;
  • Development of high quality, continuous legal education and profession;

GYLA has implemented more than 100 projects related to the rule of law, strengthening the capacities of Human rights Institutions, Legal aid, Legal Training and information, Legal Assistance to Prisoners, IDPS and refuges, development, Transparency of the government, public awareness raising activities, promotion of women’s rights and other similar fields of activities.

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In connection with provision of public information Public Service Development Agency 25.05.2017 25.05.2017 More than 2 weeks Partial information sent  
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In connection with provision of public information National Agency for Oil and Gas 13.02.2017 13.02.2017 Refusal
In connection with provision of public information Georgian State Security Service 14.02.2017 14.02.2017 Complete information sent
In connection with provision of public information Tbilisi City Hall 16.03.2017 16.03.2017 5 days Complete information sent